As someone who has spent much of her career working in Best independent schools, I've come to understand how the people, traditions and values of these institutions shape their studentsand why they're so important.

Strong community

The unique experience of independent schools is their strong community. What makes the school great is not just the teachers and students, but also the parents, alumni and administrators who make up its network of support.

Community is what holds a school together; it's what makes it special; it's what gives each student an opportunity to grow into who they are meant to be. It's more than just students and teachers--it's also parents, alumni, administrators and other members of your community who share your values.

In independent schools, students are surrounded by a community of like-minded people who share your values. The focus on community creates the opportunity for students to develop meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers, as well as with parents and alumni. 

Personalized programs for each student

  • Smaller class sizes: At independent schools, you'll find fewer students in a given classroom. This means that each student receives more personal attention and personalized instruction.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Independent schools offer a variety of unique opportunities for students to explore their interests outside of the classroom--from music lessons to sports teams to community service projects.
  • Personalized programs: Independent schools are able to offer more specialized programs because there aren't as many children enrolled at one time; this allows them to meet the needs of each student individually rather than having everyone follow the same curriculum or participate in similar activities together (as they would at public school).

A variety of academic programs: Independent schools offer a wide range of curricula, including college-preparatory, honors and AP classes. Some also offer special programs for students with learning disabilities or other special needs. Additional resources: Independent schools often have more resources available than public schools--including libraries, science labs and computer labs.

Exceptional teachers and leaders

Teachers are dedicated to their students and committed to a high standard of excellence. They have expertise in their field, which they share with their students. Teachers also work closely with parents, helping them understand how best to support their children's learning at home.

Teachers at independent schools are available outside the classroom so that students can ask questions or talk through issues related to their studies--and even after school hours if necessary!

The teachers at independent schools are not only experts in their field, but also mentors for the students. They want them to succeed in life, and they are willing to go above and beyond to help them achieve this goal. In fact, many teachers will even help students find internships or jobs during the school year or over summer break!

Independent schools are a great choice for parents and students who want a high-quality education. They offer personalised programs and strong support networks, which can help students reach their full potential. Independent schools are also ideal for those looking for more diverse learning environments with fewer restrictions on what they study or how they learn.

source by :- Beyond The Classroom: The Unique Experience Of Independent Schools